The Best Day!!!

I am over the moon about getting this music video for the expedition
done. This came together so beautifully and with a great amount of team
work. We are off the boat today in Shanghai. My heart is full from this

Froukje van der Zwan - Petrologist - Expedition 368 

"Why do we have volcanoes and why are things melting?" These are some of
the big picture questions that keeps Froukje van der Zwan pursuing
science. Sit down with her in this interview conducted during Expedition
368 in the South China Sea.<

Interview with David Peate Petrologist/Geochemist

David Peate discusses the interdisciplinary nature of Geology in this interview. 

"There was so much that you realized that chemistry could be applied to. To new problems that people hadn't really thought about. And so I decided this is great I can do chemistry but I can do geology as well and I can travel around the world collecting rocks and it is great."

Interview with Professor Jian Lin - Petrophysics Specialist

A couple of days ago I was able to finally sit down with Professor Jian Lin to discuss the big picture about the South China Sea and the important applications of geological research. Jian Lin is a Senior Scientist and Marine Geophysicist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. He is also a professor of the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography.

Electronics Engineering on the ship!

In order to do research on the JOIDES Resolution it takes a team
dedicated to solving the unique problems of recording data and
retrieving samples from the sea floor and beyond. In this interview Mike
Meiring tells us about electronic engineering, team work, and life  on board the JOIDES Resolution.<

A Passion for Discovery - Interview with a Paleomagnetist!

It is hard not to get excited about the rocks of the earth when you sit down with Sara Satolli. I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing her last week and it took a little while but I finally was able to condense our discussion into a this video interview. 

1-10 on one hand and other useful cultural exchanges

One of the things that I am really enjoying about this expedition is that half of the scientists in the science party are from China. This collaboration between China and the IODP will hopefully continue to build over the years as China builds more deep sea drilling research vessels. 

Curiosity and Collaboration

We are getting closer to the end of the expedition. The scientists are preparing and presenting their post expedition research proposals and sampling party requests. This is a time of both curiosity and collaboration. 

Science on the Vessel - Video by Shuhao Xie

Our education officer Shuhao Xie made another great short film called Science on the Vessel. It gives a quick glimpse in to the uniqueness and history of the of the IODP program through the lens of Hans-Christian Larsen our Co-chief for Expedition 368. 

Enjoy! -<

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