Mysteries of the Core

Investigate a fascinating question from the deep past and explore the evidence about what happened - preserved in a core drilled from the ocean floor.

  • What do scientists do?

  • What does the evidence look like?

  • What does it tell us?

  • How do we piece together Earth's past?

Download the game to explore these questions and find the dramatic answer to the mystery!

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Download Instructions:

Note that the game cannot be played directly from the web but be assured that the files are safe.

Mac version<: Download the game and move it onto your computer. Agree to open an application downloaded from the internet. Play the game!

PC version<: Choose the application labeled Megaflood or Megafloods.exe (not Megafloods data) You might need to: Agree to download anyway, even if it can't be scanned; or Run, even if it does not recognize the app. Don't worry - the files are safe and will work!

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Mysteries of the Core

I just played the game and found it very engaging. The graphics were exciting, particularly of the flood. I consider this a very worthy educational tool and I gained some fascinating knowledge I did not have. I am certain people will benefit from this experience.

Thank you.
Mary Ann Ryan, Ph.D,
Chicago State University