How big is the JOIDES Resolution?

143 m (470 feet) long.

What does JOIDES stand for?

It stands for Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling<. This organization no longer exists - it merged with another one in 2007 to become the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.

Who runs the ship?

The JOIDES Resolution Science Operator at Texas A&M University. National Science Foundation< provides the funding.

Where does the ship go?

All over the world’s oceans. The JR has no home port.

How many people can go on the ship?

It can hold about 130 people, half of which are crew running the ship and the others are the science party members for a particular expedition.

Can I get on the ship?

The JR rarely makes port in the United States, but when it does, we try to make opportunities for students over 13 and adults to take guided tours. Watch the JOIDES Resolution Facebook page or sign up for the JR newsletter< for updates. If you are an educator, look for our Educator at Sea/On board Education Officer opportunities<.  

You can tour the JR with your class via Skype no matter where it is.  Sign up for JOIDES Resolution Live right here<!

What is a typical day like as a scientist onboard the JR?

How long has the JR been operating?

Since 1985.

What is the deepest hole the ship has drilled?

About 1.3 miles into the earth, or 6,924 feet (2110 meters).

Is The JR the only scientific ocean drilling ship in the world?

No. The Japanese run a ship called the Chikyu and there are other ships that do some scientific drilling or can be outfitted to do it for a particular mission. But The JR is the only American ship dedicated completely for this purpose.

Who funds the program?

How do scientists get selected to sail on a JR expedition?

What are the different types of jobs on the JR?

Can you go swimming in the ocean?

Has anyone ever fallen overboard?

Is the ship stable? Do people get seasick?

Can the JR drill in stormy weather?

Are any animals or marine life injured by the drilling?

Is it dangerous to be out on the ship?