Fun & Games

Learn more about scientific ocean drilling, the science involved and the JOIDES Resolution, all while playing our cool games.
Challenge yourself, test your wits and compare scores with friends.


Age range: 6 -10 years

Take a tour of The JR with ship core technician, Bubba. Learn about scientific ocean drilling and how scientists use the rocks and sediments they gather from the ocean floor to uncover history. Test your knowledge with Bubba’s challenge questions and complete a puzzle to get a certificate.

Age range: all ages

This game lets you match the shapes of tiny organisms as they fall to the ocean floor and become microfossils. Learn more about microfossils by reading the microfossil fact sheet. Watch your score and compare with friends as you make successful matches. A word of caution: this game may be habit forming!

Age Range: 10 and up

Have fun with JR Pardy, modeled after the popular game show, Jeopardy. Build yourJR knowledge by visiting the Discovery Center and checking out glossaries and other background materials. Then test what you learn about science, drilling and deep-sea research vessels as you play for more virtual dollars.

Age range: 8 and up Try your hand at a jigsaw puzzle, JR style! These puzzles were made from actual working scenes on the JR. Match the pieces to complete the pictures. Learn more about life on The JR by visiting the Ship Tour<, At Sea< and Crew< pages.

Activities & more

Career Profile Interactive

Search for the career profiles hidden in the mosaic, explore the diverse backgrounds of these people, and consider what careers you might be interested in.

Tales of the Resolution!

Check out episodes of our graphic novel, Tales of the Resolution!

JR Coloring Sheets

We've created two unique coloring sheets for you. Finish them both!

Stories in a Core coloring sheet< (PDF, 1.28 MB)
JOIDES Resolution dot-to-dot< (PDF, 1.05 MB)

Drill Site Dilemma